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I Lost A Child  
I use to get upset with life's little ups and downs
But I lost a child and things have turned around
Dishes can go undone for days, bills, go unpaid
For I lost a child and my life has changed
The cobwebs are many, they've taken over the room
My floors are dirty, I've misplaced the broom
For I lost a child and my life has changed
The important things I've rearranged
I stop to smell the flowers
And watch my grandchild play
For I lost a child and my life has changed
To love, to laugh, to catch a ball
A walk in the rain, a memory recalled
It's the little things that don't have a price
The lost of my child, has changed my life

Love Mom


Although I never knew Wes, the way you have, I can hear his laughter in the pounding surf, I feel his love in the gentle breeze,  I hear his chant of awe in his maker with every drop of rain that falls, in Mountain View, Hawaii. He is still with you in spirit. In fact, Aloha, is both coming and going and love. As for Wes, he was the personifacation of Aloha.

written by Stephanie 2003

For Wes and Us/ Written by his friend Jill  

The wind raged across the moment
The morning sun shone it's precious light upon a new day
An emptiness had fallen upon the experience
And all stood in utter silence
An earth angle has returned too soon
Confusion races through the marrow of all that is
Who has the power to question?
Who has the abilty to understand?
Can we grasp the fragil love, we give or recieve?
We kneel before the universe with shattered hearts and aching souls
The gentle being did not compromise his ability to give love
We are fortunate to have been blessed with such an honest presence.
As the days pass, the wind will continue to rage
Light and Dark will dance across the years, never to bring answers to calm the ache
Yet, when the wind brings scents of earth and flowers
We will remember the sweet smile, that our Wesley shared, so freely, so effortlessly
And took nothing but our hearts

Don't Weep For Me  
Oh dear friends don't weep for me
My life though short, was so full
Oh dear friends, please dance with me
For the angels now guard my soul

Remember me the way I was,
so full of life and laughter
I have not left you all alone
But with memories ever after

I have not left and gone away,
I'm standing right beside you
So take my hand and walk with me,
Let my spirit guide you

See me in the clouds above, the trees that sway so gently, The babbling brook, the birds that sing
And in the kindness you showed me

We do not die, we just move on
Your faith, it was my teacher
Your kindness and wisdom will win out
Against the evils featured

copy written2002/kayt Fossler

Beautiful Music  
Help for someone who has lost a child...  

I saw this quote and thought it was so true.  Please read it and think about it.  Remember it when talking to someone who has lost a child:

The mention of my child’s name may bring tears to my eyes -
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
If you are my friend, please don’t keep me from hearing the beautiful music.
It soothes my broken heart and fills my soul with love.

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