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Thank you for your gift / John (Frirend)  Read >>
Thank you for your gift / John (Frirend)
I lived on the farm with Wes, for a year or so and was truly touched by his kindness and generousity.
I believe his kindness and generousity, were the clues one had that Wes, was exceptional among us. I believe he learned more in twenty years, that most of us learn in a lifetime and then moved to a better place.
Thank you for the gift of Wesley.
Hey Aloha Nui / Clark (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Aloha Nui / Clark (Friend)
You know, Little Wes-Yeh, the Duke Boy, straight out of Boss Hog Heaven. He came to work at the coffee store, this too Yuppie enviroment- with his bib overalls-wild hair-impish grin.He always had a smile He came to a Bar-B Q one night, busted a glow stick over his head, looked like a crazy saint, just wanted to make us laugh.
I know Wes, wanted to farm, anything from Orchids to Taro, it still grows , his legacy. Myself and his friends, the love he generated. I really liked the little guy cause he didn't want to surf, didn't want to hang out in the ling-up.
God bless him, God bless you guys.
Aloha, Clark Close
Many, Many Maahalos / Hans (Friend)  Read >>
Many, Many Maahalos / Hans (Friend)
The Gods were kind enough to share this golden style son with all of us who were lucky. One of the most pleasant people I have ever met.
He continuously exudes the joys of hard work, laughter,humility and nature with a smile alone.
At times he would look to me as a role model and I would be thinking to myself," Wesley you have 3x's the knowledge, kindness and energy than myself".
Plants were it. He felt them with his heart. John and I cut back a tree to see the surf one day and when Wes saw what we had done, he was so sad, it gave me butterflies in my stomach. Hell, he dressed up like a tree for Holloween, fooled and scared everyone! We really thought he was a bush, until he lunged at us. Hats off to you. Wes was so chosen for a greater cause.
Love Hans
Aloha mom / Dani (Friend)  Read >>
Aloha mom / Dani (Friend)
It's me ,Dani,
We met at BBQ and Hula grill.
Your son was a living angel and touched so many lives and hearts. He definetly touched mine. He wa a very wise old soul, for such ayoung man.
Much aloha and love to you and yours.
Love Dani
Aloha / Lani (Friend)  Read >>
Aloha / Lani (Friend)
Wesley always had a smile, no matter what kind of day it was. He always had Aloha and love. He changed my life by just being himself and living each day to the fullest. Always in my heart and in my prayers.
Love Lani Close
A letter to mom  / Laura (Friend)  Read >>
A letter to mom  / Laura (Friend)
Hi Mom
It's Laura, I met you at the BBQ at D.T.
I want to share my flower drop I did for little brother Wes last week.
I threw my flowers into the ocean, wathced and thought of little brother. All of a sudden I heard a noise, I looked into the water and saw two puffer fish playing. I looked in  and said "Little brother, is that you messing with me"? I looked again and saw two yellow Tangs, playing, with that I said " You are messing with me Little Brother !!!!
Love to you guys, Laura
For Wes and Us  / Jill (friend)  Read >>
For Wes and Us  / Jill (friend)

The wind raged across the moment
The morning sun shone it's precious light upon a new day
An emptiness had fallen upon the experience
And all stood in utter silence
An earth angle has returned too soon
Confusion races through the marrow of all that is
Who has the power to question?
Who has the abilty to understand?
Can we grasp the fragilness of love we give or recieve?
We kneel before the universe with shattered hearts and aching souls
The gentle being did not compromise his ability to give love
We are fortunate to have been blessed with such an honest presence.
As the days pass, the wind will continue to rage
Light and Dark will dance across the years, never to bring answers to calm the ache
Yet, when the wind brings scents of earth and flowers
We will remember the sweet smile, that our Wesley shared, so freely, so effortlessly
And took nothing but our hearts

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