Wesley Matheson
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Born in Arkansas Sept 12, 1981
Wes, decided to come into this world almost six weeks early, changing our plans of a home birth. He left this world way too soon
Oct 1981
Our family moved into our first home, a little white house, on Mitchell Street in Mountain View. We were all so proud to welcome baby Wes. Our family was complete!
Wes loved his new little freind.
Wes, never did crawl on his hands and knees but preferred to get around like this and could cover some ground in no time flat
April, 1983
Wes and his brother Will, welcoming thier new brother Casey, into the world, April 18,i993. Now our family was complete. 
Summer, 1983
It was obvious from the beginning how sweet this young man was, only later would we relise that his love for plants would become a life long passion
Like his dad, Wes wanted to be a cowboy.
2002 June

the front of Wes's memorial flyer

Christmas, 1986
After the fact, we were not sure we had made a wise choice in gifts.
Wes, played basketball, he also played baseball, but his true love was rodeo and anything to do with the outdoors.

Wes, Oct of  1992, Wes took a pretty hard fall and was waiting to get checked out by the medics. Wes was no stranger to the emergenct room, most all of the attending doctors knew him by his first name.

Summer 1993
We took a trip to Canada to see friends and family after the boys dad died. This is Wes, with his aunt Ronnie, who died of breast canser a year later.
Summer 1993
Visiting friends in Franklin TN. helped to ease the pain of losing their dad, after a three year battle with cancer.
October, 1995

The boys and their grandmother at our wedding, Oct 7, 1995 The beginning of a new life for us all.

1997 Christmas
This young man could light up even the darkest night with his smile.
Wes, went to school in Leslie, Arkansas. These are some of his friends. How I, LOVED that old hat. Wes left for Hawaii shortly after this picture was taken.
Before Wes left for Hawaii, he talked me into letting him get this Matheson Family Crest, tattoo. He already had a small lizard tat and got several more after he left home but this was his favorite one, in honor of his father and aunt, who both died of cancer.
2000 The Valley
Wes, loved Hawaii, and jumped at the chance to move to a beautiful valley, where he helped a friend build a house and clear a couple of acres for a yard and garden.
A tribute to my son
This was Wes, and his brother Casey's home on the farm in Maui. The view and the climate made this primative abode more than acceptable. This was a happy time for both of my younger sons.
Wes was soon off to the big island and a fate none of us were ready for.
2001 Maui
The last time I was with Wes and Casey together, we had a wonderful time. Little did we know Wes, would be gone from us forever, less than nine months later.
2002 April
Wes, was almost finished with his job on the Big Island and was getting ready to take a trip to the main land with his best friend . He was murdered less than a month after this picture was taken, before he could come home for a visit.
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